The National Audio Library

One of the main challenges that facing the students with visual impairment (Blindness) in their educational journey in Sudan is the availability of knowledge resources in an easy-to-use format. Currently they are dependent on Braille books which it’s not popular in all the states due its costly production process and also there’s no dedicated school for visual impaired students with qualified Braille teachers except in Khartoum, hence the Braille method itself is not commonly used. Moreover, Braille is a very primitive method which it’s used for the basic learning and it didn’t suit the advanced level of education.


Art By Blind

The Art By Blind is a project between Oak Foundation and Glimmer of Hope which provides resources for the skilled visually impaired who are underprivileged and in great need of tools and resources to be able to become self-reliant, take charge of their own lives, and be the agents of their own development. Its aim is to realize the dual positive impact of service learning. While creating educational opportunities, the project also establishes socially and economically sustainable systems.

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Networking and Partnership Building

As the well-known African proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, Glimmer of Hope (GOH) strives to build strong partnerships with local and international organisations who can contribute to making a positive impact in lives of visually impaired people in Sudan.


The Health Unit

As Glimmer of Hope (GOH) dedicated all its efforts on Alnour Institute of Teach Blind at the beginning, our first five-year strategy was to enhance and sustain the current situation of the institute. Hence, the essential area that we believed required to be developed is the health status of the students specially those who are living in the school accommodations who are more prone to accidents, which requires immediate emergency responses.


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