Glimmer of Hope is a voluntary, non-profit organization specialized in ensuring the rights of people with visual impairments in Sudan that established in June 2010. The focus is on the priority of their right to education, as a basis for the creation of an independent, confident, qualified, competitive, and productive generation of visually impaired people in Sudan. In addition, we aim to challenge negative perceptions within the community towards people with visual impairments to create a conscious and effective society that directs its energies to serve them

Our Mission :

To play a qualitative leading role and to provide a model of improving and developing the education of visually impaired people in Sudan by ensuring their right to education.

Our strategic goals:

  1. Contribute to providing accurate statistical information on visually impaired people.
  2. Work on developing and improving education for visually impaired people.
  3. Work on raising community awareness of visually impaired people.
  4. Work on providing sustained support to the organization to increase its performance.

We believe in:

  • Humanity first
  • Science and knowledge as the keys to growth
  • Dedication, loyalty and teamwork
  • Commitment and personal accountability
  • Transparency and professional integrity

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