One of the main challenges that facing the students with visual impairment (Blindness) in their educational journey in Sudan is the availability of knowledge resources in an easy-to-use format. Currently they are dependent on Braille books which it’s not popular in all the states due its costly production process and also there’s no dedicated school for visual impaired students with qualified Braille teachers except in Khartoum, hence the Braille method itself is not commonly used. Moreover, Braille is a very primitive method which it’s used for the basic learning and it didn’t suit the advanced level of education.

All these factors impacted negatively on the academic level of this segment; accordingly, to the 2008 national census there is more than 56,000 visually impaired above 6 years in Northern Sudan (after South Sudan separation) and 75% of them never attended any official education.

The audio-books are an effective tool to educate and acquire knowledge for both; sighted and the visually impaired people, especially the students. Unfortunately, no proper audible syllabus is available till now. That’s why Glimmer of Hope strives to establish the first National Audio Library in Sudan to provide a high quality, and free audio-books for visual impaired and sighted people, starting with the syllabus which it falls under the heart of our strategy that aims to enhance the current educational methodologies of teaching the visually impaired students.


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