This project aims to eliminate the challenge that facing all the Visually Impaired education centers which is the lack of the educational tools and equipment to each student. We sustained and covered the need of Alnour Institute of Teaching Blind for at least the coming 2 years by providing the below basic tools:

  • Braille Plate and Pen for writing.
  • Cubrithum for learning mathematics.

Also, we started extending our activities to other states like the Visually Impaired students in Aljazeera state at the step toward reaching all the other states in staged phases.

From the last 5 years we continually provide the above tools which it cost us till now around 8,000 USD. And each time the funding came from different stakeholders (individuals and firms). The last package provided in a partnership with the Sudanese American Medical Association (SAMA) which helped us in raising an online crowdfunding campaign resulted on providing 130 Cubrithum that cost around 6,000 USD.


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