The Art By Blind is a project between Oak Foundation and Glimmer of Hope which provides resources for the skilled visually impaired who are underprivileged and in great need of tools and resources to be able to become self-reliant, take charge of their own lives, and be the agents of their own development. Its aim is to realize the dual positive impact of service learning. While creating educational opportunities, the project also establishes socially and economically sustainable systems.

The idea of the project originates from a visit to Alnour Institute of Teaching Blind in Khartoum in July 2017 when a collaboration formed with an arts and crafts class, which used a form of haptic learning. Despite a serious lack of materials, the students made beautiful jewelry and accessories with a high level of craft. This was possible through a profound learning environment between students and teachers, working together and teaching each other. In less than two weeks, the Art By Blind project formed, providing improved materials and resources for the class and established a collaborative learning micro-economy. Every piece of the first production from that class was sold. The classes have sustained ever since, and the pieces have diversified into jewelry and other accessories.  

The jewellery is made of natural agate, jasper and natural lava gemstones. The stones are known for strengthening healing, calming, and balancing yin/yang energy.

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